News and Events

January 2018. “‘We dream the dream of extirpation’: Female Captivity and Racial Displacement.” Modern Language Association Convention, New York, NY. (pending).

January 2018. “‘Avoid handling or touching’: Terrorism and Address in Contemporary American Poetry.” Modern Language Association Convention, New York, NY.  (pending).

June 2017. “(Anti)Lyric Form, Failed Synecdoche, and Poetic Labor: An Inquiry.” Situating Lyric Conference, International Network for the Study of Lyric, Boston MA.

April 2017.“Money Talks” and “Capital Objects.” Making Money: Communities, Capital, and Creativity Symposium. Institute for Humanities Research, Arizona State U, Tempe AZ.

March 2017, “Ambivalent Odes, Hostile Arias: A Poetry Reading.” Sierra Arts Foundation, Reno, NV.

January 2017. “Guilty Remnants: Materiality and Leftovers in Post-9/11 Post-Apocalyptic Fiction.” Modern Language Association Convention, Philadelphia, PA.

December 2016. “Hysteria, Early Psychoanalysis and Poems.” Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Northern Nevada,

April 2016.”Reimagining Close Reading for the 21st Century.” Warren-Brooks Lecture.  Robert Penn Warren Center, Western Kentucky University.

March 2016. Poetry Reading, Literary Arts and Wine Series, Coffeebar, Truckee, CA.

January 2016. “‘The ghosts of the dead filled the empty seats’: Absent Bodies and Ghostly Presence in Post-9/11 American Fiction. ” Modern Language Association Convention. Austin, TX.

January 2016. “‘Were you afraid / your book would vanish’: The Ersatz Homemade Book in the Digital Age.” Modern Language Association Convention. Austin, TX.

November 2015. “21st-century Poetic Transactions: A New Reading of Economics and Psychoanalysis.” Southern Atlantic Modern Language Association Conference, Durham, NC November 2015.

June 2015. “Posthuman Economics: Systems of Exchange in Christian Bök’s Recent Sequences.” Approaching Posthumanism and the Posthuman Conference, Geneva, Switzerland.

January 2015. “‘A metonym of its disaster’: Ground Zero as Anti-Memorial in Teju Cole’s Open City.” Modern Language Association Convention, Vancouver, BC.

October 2014. “Making Money Talk: Commodification in Rae Armantrout’s Post-Recession Poems.” Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association Conference, Riverside, CA.