University of Nevada, Reno English Department (2002-present)

  •     Advanced Poetry Writing Workshop (three semesters)
  •     American Literature and Culture
  •     American Poetry (four semesters)
  •     American Poetry 1865-1945
  •     American Poetry 1945-Present (two semesters)
  •     American Women Poets (graduate seminar)
  •     Contemporary American Literature (three semesters)
  •     Contemporary American Poetry (graduate seminar)
  •     Core Humanities:  American Experience and Constitutional Change (four semesters)
  •     Craft of Poetry (graduate seminar)
  •     Ethics and/as Engagement in 21st-century Literature (graduate seminar)
  •     Expository Writing:  Style and Argument
  •     Haunting and Memory in Contemporary American Literature (graduate seminar)
  •     Honors Composition (six semesters)
  •     Modern and Contemporary American Poetry (graduate seminar)
  •     Modern British and American Poetry (three semesters)
  •     Postmodern American Literature (graduate seminar)
  •     Space and Place in Contemporary American and British Literature (graduate seminar)
  •     Writing about Literature (four semesters)
  •     Women in Literature (two semesters)


Université de Pau, Pau, France (fall 2006)

  •   American Writers in France
  •   French-American Literary Connections